Paper on Selective Comprehensive 2DLC with Parallel Operations Appears in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

A research paper by Gustavus chemistry assistant professor Dwight Stoll, Gustavus students Elliot Larson (’14), Ian Gibbs-Hall (’13), Steve Groskreutz (’12), research associate Dr. Chris Harmes, and several collaborators has appeared in a special issue on the analysis of nutraceuticals in the journalAnalytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. The paper, focused on the analysis of furanocoumarins in […]

Literature Review: Direct bioanalytical sample injection with 2D LC-MS

Cassiano, N.; Barreiro, J.; Oliveira, R.; Cass, Q. Bioanalysis. 2012, 4, 2737–2756. doi: 10.4155/bio.12.226

This recent review article with 178 references is an application oriented review of papers appearing in the time period 2008-2012 describing the use of various forms of two-dimensional liquid chromatography for bioanalysis, with a focus on those applications involving mass […]

Literature Review: Analysis of fatty alcohol derivatives with comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry

Elsner, V.; Laun, S.; Melchior, D.; Köhler, M.; Schmitz, O. J. Journal of Chromatography A. 2012, 1268, 22–28.

This article describes the use of online LC x LC coupled with mass spectrometric detection for the analysis of anionic, non-ionic, and amphoteric surfactants with with different end groups in a single analysis. A HILIC separation is […]

Literature Review – Ultrahigh pressure in the second dimension of a comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatographic system for carotenoid separation in red chili peppers

Cacciola, F.; Donato, P.; Giuffrida, D.; Torre, G.; Dugo, P.; Mondello, L. Journal of Chromatography A 2012, 1255, 244–251.

This paper is focused on the separation and identification of intact carotenoids in red chili pepper extracts by NP x RP. A micro-bore cyano1D column, dimensions 25 cm x 1.0 mm i.d., 5 μm dp, was […]

Literature Review – Comparison of orthogonally estimation methods for the two-dimensional separations of peptides

Gilar, M.; Fridrich, J.; Schure, M. R.; Jaworski, A. Analytical Chemistry 2012, 84, 8722–8732.

In this recent paper the metrics used to calculate orthogonality in LC x LC were evaluated using retention data for 194 different peptides. Correlation coefficients, mutual information, box-counting dimensionality, and surface fractional coverage were all applied to determine the orthogonality of […]