Che270 – Solutions to recent things

Here are solutions to Quiz-8, and Exam-2.

Che270 – Solutions to Pset #3

Here are solutions to the most recent offline homework.

Che270 – Final Offline Homework

Here you will find the final offline homework assignment. Please scan your answers and submit them to me by email by 5 PM on Wednesday, May 21st.

Che270 – Expt. 9 (HPLC) Sign-Up

Here is a signup sheet for experiment 9 in lab (HPLC). We will have two groups (two people per group) do the experiment during each lab session. You are then free to redo any of your other experiments during the other sessions.

Che270 – Solutions to Regression Homework

Here is a set of responses to the questions from the regression homework.

Che270 – Calibration/Regression homework, due Monday 04/28 at 5 PM

Here are two datasets, along with some questions to guide your study of them. Please read the directions carefully and submit your work electronically only.

Che270 – Notes and slides from recent weeks

Here are notes from weeks 6, 7, and 9, and slides from weeks 6, 7, and 9.

Che270 – Solutions to Quiz-5

Here are solutions to quiz #5.

Che270 – Solutions to recent exam and quiz

Here are solutions to the exam and most recent quiz.

Che270 – Recent course materials

Here are notes from weeks 1, 2, 3, and 5 (my tablet failed during week 4), slides from the Basics and Data Handling section, and slides from our discussion of Equilibria so far.