Job and Internship Opportunities at Brady Corporation

Brady Corporation (Glendale, WI) is seeking chemists interested internship and/or job opportunities with their company. You can find postings for opportunities here:



Gustavus students and alums can also view these opportunities on Handshake.

Job Opportunity at Freemont Industries

Here is a posting for an entry-level chemist position at Freemont Industries in the Twin Cities area.

Great resource site for those interested in careers in health professions

If you are interested in a career in one of the health professions (e.g., Medical, Dental, etc.), this site is full of great resources for all stages of preparation.

On the theme of making the most of your undergraduate opportunity…

In a recent editorial in Chemical & Engineering News, parent Barbara Flohr launched an attack on STEM education suggesting that it is “deceitful” to encourage young women (like her daughter) to pursue careers in science, because her daughter finds herself without a job at the moment.

I personally was dumbfounded by this perspective.

Now, in [more…]

Resources for creating/editing equations in MS Word

If you are unfamiliar with the facilities that come built into Microsoft Word for adding and editing equations, here is some guidance if you are a PC user, and here is some guidance for Mac (1-4 min = basic, 4-7 min = advanced) users.

Che270 – Producing an effective graph of scientific data

Based upon the graphs I have seen for the methylene blue lab so far, everyone would benefit from reviewing this guidance on producing an effective, professional looking graph of scientific data.

Writing about science

This article by Prof. Whitesides (Harvard) is a nice primer on writing scientific papers.

Internship opportunities this summer

The Minnesota High Tech Association matches undergraduates seeking internship opportunities in the STEM disciplines with businesses in Minnesota who are seeking to retain their talent. See the bottom of this page to fill out an application, and you can see the current listing of postings here.

Some data on the value of a college education

If you are worried about your prospects after Gustavus, have a look at this for some encouragement. If you don’t look at anything else, look at the graph that is titled ‘Education Pays’, which shows unemployment rates as a function of degree achieved. This is pertty consistent with what I see and hear.

Great resource for finding your way after Gustavus

This site appears to be a great resource for people interested in a career in science. Tuck away the link for future reference.