Short Course on 2D-LC for Pharmaceutical Analysis at EAS 2016

This year (2016) at the Eastern Analytical Symposium in Somerset, NJ we will offer a short course on Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography for Pharmaceutical Analysis. The full list of short courses can be found here, and a description of our specific course can be found here.

Che270 – Expt. 9 (HPLC) Sign-Up

Here is a signup sheet for experiment 9 in lab (HPLC). We will have two groups (two people per group) do the experiment during each lab session. You are then free to redo any of your other experiments during the other sessions.

Che380 – Miscellaneous things…

Here is a short video showing how to use Microsoft Solver to systematically fit data to any function, but specifically the signal that was used for the Fourier Analysis problem as part of Problem Set #8.

Secondly, here is a grading rubric for your group presentations on the results of your independent lab project later [more…]

Che380 – Suggested reading is now updated through the end of the semester

Also, there are many questions waiting for you in the study questions document.

Che380 – Video on Electronic Measurement Errors and Op-Amps

Here you will find a video describing the difficulties with measuring the small currents and voltages we observe in various chemical instruments, and properties of operational amplifiers that address these challenges. Please this before class on Thursday.

Che380 – Topics and recommended reading are updated

The topics for the rest of the semester and suggested reading for the rest of our discussion of spectroscopy are now updated on the course page.

Che380 – GC Broadening Video is live now

You can view the GC broadening video here (20 min.).

Che380 – Recommended reading updated

The recommended reading for our discussion of peak broadening in separations is now updated. The short chapter on diffusion by Howard Berg is excellent. Pass the word…

Che380 – LC-MS data for class today

This is the file we will work with in Matlab today. Right click on the link and ‘save as’ to the desktop.

Che380 – A short list of analytical journals

Here is a short list of journals for you to consider subscribing to.

Analytical Chemistry

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Journal of Chromatography, A

Journal of Chromatography, B

Journal of Separation Science


Analytica Chimca Acta

Trends in Analytical Chemistry

Journal of Mass Spectrometry

Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry