Groskreutz (’12) comes back, to help us move forward

Two weeks ago Steve Groskreutz, Gustavus alum from 2012 and Stoll Laboratory alum, came back to Gustavus to install equipment that we will use as part of a collaboration with his Ph.D. group (Prof. Stephen Weber) at the University of Pittsburgh. During his three-day visit, JJ Akin caught up with him and asked Steve to [more…]

Stoll Group Alumnus Ian Gibbs-Hall takes job with Activated Research Company

Gustavus alumnus Ian Gibbs-Hall (’13) has finished a Master of Science degree in chemistry at Northwestern University, and will begin work with Activated Research Company in Eden Prairie, MN later this month. During his time at Gustavus, Ian worked in the Stoll research laboratory for parts of all four years. He was selected twice for [more…]

Scott Simpkins (’10) wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

This is a belated announcement, but last summer Scott Simpkins (’10) won a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Scott worked in the Stoll lab for about 18 months, and was the lead author on the first paper out of our group describing work that was wholly carried out at Gustavus. Now, he is a [more…]

Article in C&EN says more analytical chemists are needed

This article in the most recent issue of Chemical and Engineering News says that a variety of industries have a hard time finding analytical chemists that are both trained in the fundamentals of analytical chemistry, and have interdisciplinary skillsets. The future is bright for students with interests in analytical chemistry, and are willing to work [more…]

Tony Squillace begins work at EPA lab in Duluth, MN

This summer Tony Squillace (Gustavus Chemistry Major, 2014 class) secured a position as a student contractor working in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Laboratory in Duluth, MN. He is working in the Mid-Continent Ecology division of the EPA, which is a purely research and development division that develops methods and models that provide guidelines and [more…]

Paul Young Accepts Medical Scribe Position at Abbott Northwestern

Paul Young (Gustavus class of 2014, chemistry major), who has worked on several chromatography related research projects in the Stoll Laboratory for about two years, has accepted a medical scribe position at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. He will begin work there this summer following graduation from Gustavus.

Great resource site for those interested in careers in health professions

If you are interested in a career in one of the health professions (e.g., Medical, Dental, etc.), this site is full of great resources for all stages of preparation.

On the theme of making the most of your undergraduate opportunity…

In a recent editorial in Chemical & Engineering News, parent Barbara Flohr launched an attack on STEM education suggesting that it is “deceitful” to encourage young women (like her daughter) to pursue careers in science, because her daughter finds herself without a job at the moment.

I personally was dumbfounded by this perspective.

Now, in [more…]