Che270 – Solutions to recent things

Here are solutions to Quiz-8, and Exam-2.

Che270 – Solutions to recent exam and quiz

Here are solutions to the exam and most recent quiz.

Che380 – Update, and materials from week 1

Here are notes, and slides from week 1. These deal with my introduction to and generalization of instrumental methods, and solid-phase extraction.

Also, note that the reading materials are updated through the end of our discussion of sample preparation this week, and the schedule of quizzes and exams in the course calendar is now accurate.


Che270 – Pre-Final Exam Questions

Here are 25 questions that will get you thinking about the final exam.

Che270 – Exam #2 Solutions

Here are solutions to the second exam.

Che270 – Solutions to Exam #1 and Quiz #5

Here are solutions to Exam #1 and Quiz #5 from today.

Che270 – Pre-Exam #1 Knowledge Survey

Here you will find a list of questions related to the first exam. Please respond to these by 8 PM on Tuesday, indicating your level of comfort in answering questions like these. This counts as a ‘feedback’ event – simply respond to the questions, and you will receive five points.