Che380 – Feedback #1

Welcome to Che380 for 2015! Please answer the questions on this form before 9 PM on Tuesday. Responses are only viewable by Dr. Stoll

Che380 course feedback form is open

Responses to this form will be totally anonymous. The form will close at 9 AM Friday morning (11/08).

Che270 – Pre-Final Exam Questions

Here are 25 questions that will get you thinking about the final exam.

Che270 – Dataset for regression exercise

Here are links to the dataset and instructions for the exercise. Work in pairs and send your findings by email before 10 AM on Wednesday.

Update – Here are answers to the exercise questions.

Che270 – Pre-Exam #2 Survey Questions

Here are some questions for you to consider leading to Exam #2. Please respond to the questions by 8 PM on Wednesday; your responses will count as a feedback instance for the course.

Che270 – Pre-Exam #1 Knowledge Survey

Here you will find a list of questions related to the first exam. Please respond to these by 8 PM on Tuesday, indicating your level of comfort in answering questions like these. This counts as a ‘feedback’ event – simply respond to the questions, and you will receive five points.

Che270 – Feedback for Monday

Here are three articles (1/2, 3) related to proper treatment of data in science. Please read these and respond to a few quick questions on this form before class on Monday.

Che270 – Feedback #0 open now

This form contains a series of questions that will help me get to know you. Please answer them by 5 PM on Tuesday the 12th.

Che380 – Review for Final

Here you will find some questions that cover most of the material since the last exam. We’ll meet in NHS201 at 8 PM tonight.

Che380 – Update to discussion questions for spectroscopy

Here is an updated list of discussion questions for spectroscopy, with added questions for IR and Raman.