CHE380 – Problem Sets 6 and 7

Problem Set #6 is concerned with signal processing. The instructions are linked here, and the raw data here. You may find this tutorial on the use of Microsoft Solver useful in fitting the data for the second question.

Problem Set #7 is a final round of student presentations, this time on electroanalytical methods (Friday the [more…]

Che380 – Solution to PS-2

Here is a solution to the internal standard problem.

Che380 – LabView Assignments (PS-1)

Dr. Mark Jensen (Concordia College) has put together a series of assignments that provide a effective and efficient means of learning some of the basic principles of the LabView software. You can view all eight assignments here (see the ‘LabView Tutorial’ tab). Work in pairs to construct the programs for first six of these assignments [more…]

Che270 – Solutions to Pset #3

Here are solutions to the most recent offline homework.

Che270 – Final Offline Homework

Here you will find the final offline homework assignment. Please scan your answers and submit them to me by email by 5 PM on Wednesday, May 21st.

Che270 – Solutions to Regression Homework

Here is a set of responses to the questions from the regression homework.

Che270 – Calibration/Regression homework, due Monday 04/28 at 5 PM

Here are two datasets, along with some questions to guide your study of them. Please read the directions carefully and submit your work electronically only.

Che270 – Solutions to Offline Problem Set #1

Here are solutions to the questions about data resulting from fluoride determinations.

Che270 – Offline homework #1

Here is Problem Set #1, worth 10 points, and due in my email inbox by 5 PM on Tuesday, February 25th.

Che380 – Last graded problem set for the semester

Here is Problem Set #8. To complete this you will need this Excel file. This assignment will graded, and is due at 5 PM on Friday December 6th.