Che380 – Suggested reading is now updated through the end of the semester

Also, there are many questions waiting for you in the study questions document.

Che380 – Video on Electronic Measurement Errors and Op-Amps

Here you will find a video describing the difficulties with measuring the small currents and voltages we observe in various chemical instruments, and properties of operational amplifiers that address these challenges. Please this before class on Thursday.

Che380 – Recommended reading updated

The recommended reading for our discussion of peak broadening in separations is now updated. The short chapter on diffusion by Howard Berg is excellent. Pass the word…

Che270 – An update

I have just made a bunch of updates to the course pages, including the objectives and recommended reading for this coming week. I also added a few additional homework questions for the material from last week, which we will finish during the first part of class on Monday. Please note that I posted a bit [more…]

Che270 – Supplemental text on glassware calibration

The physical concepts and calculations involved in proper calibration of laboratory glassware are involved and can be confusing. For this reason Laura Secor (GAC ’11) and I drafted this supplement to the Harvey textbook on this topic. Please read through it (for Monday), and prepare answers to the questions for Wednesday.

Che380 – For Monday

In class on Monday we will use the Gustavus Virtual Lab server. So, please bring your laptops, and make sure you have the VMware client installed so you access the virtual lab. The Gustavus website has good instructions for setting this up if you have not already done so.

Also, note that the suggest [more…]

Che380 – More electronics

Here are some questions to consider before class on Wednesday, and a first set of bigger questions about electronics for you to consider.

Che380 – Preview electronics questions for Tuesday

Here are some questions to consider prior to our discussion on operational-amplifiers on Tuesday.

Che380 – Pre-class and discussion questions for electronics

Here are some questions for you to consider before class on Monday. An initial set of discussion questions/problems will follow later today.

Che380 – Update to discussion questions for spectroscopy

Here is an updated list of discussion questions for spectroscopy, with added questions for IR and Raman.