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Che380 – Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Dr. Dwight R. Stoll
Department of Chemistry
Gustavus Adolphus College
Fall 2016

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Things to remember…

  1. ‘Spectra’ is the plural of ‘spectrum’, and ‘data’ is the plural of ‘datum’. So, we say ‘the data analyzed using the linear regression toolpak in Excel…’, and ‘the mass spectra for benzene and toluene are shown in Figure 3…’, and  ‘four significant peaks are observed in the mass spectrum of xylene…’.
  2. The use of verbs to describe analytical chemical work is usually pretty clear; we say:
    • samples are analyzed
    • concentrations, constants, and structures are determined
    • signals are measured
    • unknown concentrations are calculated
  3. Numbers are always separated from their units.  So, we write 5 mL/min., not 5mL/min.
  4. When talking about fluids in chromatography, remember the following: The mobile phase that is pumped into the column is referred to as the eluent. The mobile phase coming out of the column is called the effluent.