HPLC Simulator – This is a pretty sophisticated simulator (by Paul Boswell, Peter Carr, and Dwight Stoll) that allows the user to quickly observe the effects of a number of chromatographic variables on a reversed-phase HPLC separation.

Hydrophobic Subtraction Model (HSM) – This database (developed by Lloyd Snyder, John Dolan et al.) contains data for over 500 reversed-phase columns that have been characterized using the HS model of reversed-phase retention.

HPLC Retention Prediction – This is an emerging tool (by Paul Boswell) that allows prediction of reversed-phase gradient elution retention times on different instruments.

The LC Troubleshooting Bible, by Dr. John Dolan – This is a collection of troubleshooting articles Dr. Dolan has written over the years for LCGC Magazine.



Symbols in Google Spreadsheets – This list of Alt-codes is accurate for use with Google spreadsheets.

More symbols – This is a more extensive list of Alt-codes.

Zotero for Bibliographies and Literature Management

* This list of tips is priceless