Applications of Multi-Dimensional LC

The following table contains a compilation of references to applications of 2D-LC published in the peer-reviewed literature. Click here to see the complete citations for the references cited in the table.

Application Year First Mode/Phase Second Mode/Phase Reference
Small molecule pharmaceuticals 2009 RP/C18 (low pH) RP/C18 (pH 8.6) [1]
Surfactants 2012 HILIC/Zic-HILIC RP/C8-Aqua [2]
Traditional Chinese Medicine 2013 RP/CN RP/C18 (low pH) [3]
Lipids 2005 Argentation (Silver ion) RP/C18 [4]
Carotenoids 2006 NP/Bare silica RP/C18 [5]
Peptides 2008 RP/C18 (pH 1.8) RP/C18 (pH 10) [6]
Peptides 2005 IEX/Phosphate modified zirconia RP/C18 (low pH) [7]
Polymethacrylates 2012 RP/C18 SEC/C18 (critical conditions) [8]