HPLC Simulation

  • This simulator running in Java is quite sophisticated, yet easy to use.

Instrument Configuration Simulation

  • This ‘Fluid Visualizer‘, also running in Java, allows drag-and-drop building of virtual HPLC instruments, and provides estimates of pressure drops and dispersion values.

Choosing HPLC Columns with Orthogonal/Similar Selectivity

  • see – this site is a complement to the USP website on the same topic, and provides estimates of column similarity using stationary phase characterization data based on the Hydophobic Subtraction Model of reversed-phase selectivity.

Orthogonality Estimation from Experimental Data

  • OrCa – Windows-based software that calculates orthogonality of a 2D separation using fractals. This is based on the work of Mark Schure, which is described in a paper in the Journal of Chromatography, A.